The current care person writes: I saw a woman in the rain on a street corner selling kittens. The woman looked like she was in bad shape and the kittens looked malnourished, scared & miserable. I’m not a cat person, but I love all animals and was worried she would just set them loose in the woods if she couldn’t unload them. Myself & another lady (who I could tell was thinking the same thing I was) each bought a kitten from her. I figured I could find the cat a home eventually, & in the meantime, I could get her used to people. I bottle-fed the kitten & got some meat on her bones as well as played with her & got her used to being handled. I was fostering a dog from Korea for a few months (my son rescued him from a dog meat market & brought him to me to rehabilitate as he was heartworm positive. My son moved back to the U.S.A & came & picked him up awhile ago to take him to VA where he now works) & kitten has been sad since he’s been gone. She liked play attacking him! She’s very playful. She likes outside & comes home at dinner time without fail. I only let her out for 3 hours a day. The rest of the time she’s inside & she has her own room with scratching posts, sleep cubby, toys, food, etc…I’m more than happy to give you all her many accessories. She likes to lay on your chest at night (which is so sweet as she nuzzles into your chin…but made me itch my face off & get sinus infection after sinus infection). She’s a healthy eater (1 cup of high-quality dry food…out at all times, & 1/2 a can of wet food…she doesn’t like chicken, she likes fish pate, Blue Diamond). She’s really a sweetheart & once she’s around you, & has acclimated to her new surroundings you’ll see what a really great kitty she is. Oh, & as long as you have scratching posts around, she doesn’t scratch up any furniture! I’m glad I saved her, but my time as a foster has to come to an end as I’m getting too many infections even with allergy meds. She’ll make someone a great companion as she has been raised with TLC. I think she was born around April 15-20th, 2020. I took her in to get her series of vaccinations which I have proof of.

The current care person says the cat is good with dogs, other cats, is house-trained, current on vaccinations, black in color, young of age, female, and short-haired.

Email us at for details on contacting Juniper’s current care person and meeting Juniper in person.


Teddy is so beautiful! He’s a neutered male, 8 years old, and up-to-date on all vaccinations. The current care-person says the ideal home would be with a person who loves a lap cat (and who doesn’t?) She thinks Teddy will do best as the only pet in the home, even though he was raised with another cat and is used to them. Another cat might be okay as long as they don’t want the owner’s lap! Are you the right person for Teddy? Let us know if you think you’re a fit.

Contact Alana at (541) 764-3340

Animals Shown Below Have Been Rehomed

Elsa (*REHOMED* Sept 2020)

Elsa has survived a lot, she is ready for a home. Elsa is about a year and a half old. She was brought to us in a carrier that she had obviously been in for some time. She was filthy, malnourished, dehydrated, and absolutely terrified. For the first 24 hours, all she did was eat until she fell asleep from sheer exhaustion from the effort. By the second day, she was already a different cat. Elsa turned out to be craving love and affection! Just as we scheduled her to get fixed, she came into season and escaped out a window. On April 25, Elsa had 4 kittens – two tuxedo boys, two calico girls! One person adopted the two girls and one of the boys, and the other baby boy fell in love with my daughter and is now our full-time house cat. Elsa loves to be talked to and is highly active. She loves to climb and jump, hang out in a hammock, chase toys and lights, and would be an excellent addition to a young, active family. Elsa is completely housebroken but is territorial. Although she is not aggressive, she does not tolerate being approached by other cats or dogs. She wants to be your one and only! She has had all of her shots through June of 2021, and a HomeAgain pet locator chip. If you can give this active gal a home, call Robin (541) 272-1187, Siletz/Toledo Small Animal Rescue and Rehab

Morris (*Rehomed*)

*Rehomed* Morris is 1-2 years old and was surrendered to us due to overly aggressive, misdirected play behaviors. As a kitten develops, playing is a vital part of becoming a well-adjusted adult cat. It teaches them socially acceptable play, hunting and stalking, and even affection. Somewhere along the way, Morris did not learn appropriate disengagement. He did not want the play to end and would attack when a person tried to pull away. Morris has undergone play behavior modification, which was a process of engaging him in play and affection behaviors, and rewarding him with toys and treats, then disengaging. If his response was aggressive, we put him in his crate and walk away. If he was good, we pet him more and gave him more toys. He learned very quickly! Morris is a young man and is extremely physically affectionate. He gives hugs! He is very playful, and has shown no signs of aggression toward dogs or cats, and would probably adapt quickly to a home with current fur-residents. Given his history, we would not recommend a home with small children as he is quite large and strong. I would refer a potential owner to the following website to better understand Morris: