All committees and volunteers work under the direction of the CCHS Board of Directors.


The Community Cats/Neighborhood Strays team develops and implements processes to help ferals, barn cats, and outdoor community-friendly cats.

Duties might include:

  • Assessing new colonies; working with colony manager
  • Delivery of traps if a person has no transportation
  • Storing traps to loan
  • Trapping and transporting cats to/from the veterinary clinic
  • Foster and socialize cats and/or kittens


The Communication Committee reviews and produces the internet and external communication tools and messages of the organization.

Duties might include:

  • Advertising/Flyers/Press Releases
  • Animal Allies Newsletter Articles / Education / Photos / Stories
  • Assist with Facebook Updates / Announcements / Stories / Photos
  • Maintain Contact Information of Media Outlets
  • Public Education
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Website Update / Articles / Announcements
  • Content Development Across Platforms


The Emergency Planning and Response Team is responsible for preparing and planning for animal welfare during future disasters in the area.

Duties might include:

  • Disaster Planning (Fire, Flood, Earthquake, Tsunami)
    • Staging Area
    • Supplies Needed
    • Team Notification
    • Creating Community Partnerships


The Finance Committee consists of the CCHS President, Vice President, and Treasurer, per the bylaws.

Duties include:

  • Analysis of expenditures
  • Bookkeeping
  • Budgeting
  • Familiarity with Quick Book On-Line


The “Fun” raising/Events Committee identifies in-person and online fundraising opportunities, forges beneficial partnerships, and coordinates and facilitates fundraising projects.

Duties might include:

  • Creating Gala Ideas:
    • Furr Ball: Time to Cough it Up
    • Spay-ghetti / No Balls Dinner
    • Casino Night: Ante Up
  • Combined fundraiser (e.g. Lincoln County Animal Shelter and FOLCAS)
  • Identify in-person and online fundraising opportunities
  • Coordinate and facilitate fundraising projects


Grant writers research possible grant sources, submit grants on behalf of the organization, and report grant spending to the Board of Directors and grantor.

Duties might include:

  • Establish grant funding in QuickBooks
  • Grant follow-through, ensure we meet requirements of the grant
  • QuickBooks reporting / compiling stats
  • Report results of grant funds spent
  • Write grants; letters to grantors


The Request for Assistance Committee creates platforms and processes to work with animal welfare organizations, reviews community members’ online and phone requests for pet and animal welfare and processes them per CCHS policy.

Duties might include:

  • Answer phones/process vouchers ½ day or one day a week
  • Evaluate organizations, so we are not referring people to a backyard breeder or a place that neglects animals
  • Search for other animal organizations to refer people to when we cannot meet a need and/or when an unusual request comes in during emergencies.
  • Update Petfinder when needed; Research other agencies to have our animals listed there too / keep them updated

Updated: January 11, 2021