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Animal Allies: 2023 – Winter

  • Coming Soon

Animal Allies: 2023 – Fall

  • Representative David Gomberg is a champion for animals; A Year of Charley – 2024 Calendar; Cans for Cats; A Trained, Tired Pet is a Great Pet; Improved Ability for Free Pet Food; McKay’s Donation Drop Box Host; Ace Hardware RoundUp in Lincoln City; Volunteers Needed

Animal Allies: 2023 – Summer

  • Cans for Cats drive; Lincoln County Fair and Toledo Summer Festival Fundraisers; Thank you to Mike Cushman; Mark Campbell 3rd Annual Adoption Event; Pet Guardian Responsibilities; Pick of the Litter Store; Fundraiser Partners Wall of Fame; Volunteers Needed

Animal Allies: 2023 – Spring

  • Spay-ghetti No Balls Dinner; Yearly Cost of Programs; Cans for Cats; To Leash, or not to Leash, that is the question; Pick of the Litter; Fundraiser Partners Wall of Fame; Volunteers Needed

Animal Allies: 2022 – Winter

  • Spay-ghetti No Balls Dinner; Your Impact; In Memoriam – Lee Smith; Summer Fundraiser – Glitter Tattoos; Volunteers Needed at Pick of the Litter Thrift Store; The FOLCAS Story; Your Lincoln County Animal Shelter team gets creative with CATTERIES!; Fundraiser Partners Wall of Fame

Animal Allies: 2022 – Fall

  • Roscoe Rescue; Pick of the Litter Hiatus; Mystic the horse; Cleopatra Fostering; Mark Campbell Memorial Fund; Echo Mountain Fire Complex Volunteer Celebration; Fundraiser Partners Wall of Fame; Volunteers Needed

Animal Allies: 2022 – Summer

  • Summer Camp – Camp Kelly; Dodger Kitty; Brie finds a new home; Glitter Tattoos at Pick of the Litter; Dog Corner – Sit Command

Animal Allies: 2022 – Spring

  • Kitten Season Is Upon Us; The Unforeseen Consequences of COVID-19 at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter; Pick of the Litter passes the Million-Dollar Mark; Dog Corner – Resources

Animal Allies: 2021 – Winter

  • Anyone who says money can’t buy happiness has obviously never paid an adoption fee; Lola; Animals Helped in 2021; Fundraising

Animal Allies: 2021 – Summer

  • I Found A Kitten Outside! Should I Bring Her Into My CASA?; What To Do If You Find A Kitten; A Rescue Story for Skittles by CCHS Volunteer Sydney; Don’t Miss This Video On Wildfire Readiness for Pets and Livestock; Razzle-Dazzle-Do Finds a New Home; Lincoln County Animal Shelter Gear; CCHS Rehomes Twenty-Six Alpacas; Pick of the Litter Celebrates First Anniversary At The New Location

Animal Allies: 2021 – Spring

  • Volunteers Team Up to Feed Small Wildfire Survivors; Creosote Kittens – Before and After; Pick of the Litter Volunteers Needed; You May Not Be Aware; Trial by Fire; Lincoln County Animal Shelter Partnership with DocuPet

Animal Allies: 2020/2021 – Winter

  • Animal Services Fire Rescue, CCHS Request for Assistance Goes Online, Pet Calendar to Benefit Friends of Lincoln County Animals, When the Dust Settled

Animal Allies: 2020 – Fall

  • Animal Allies 1st Newsletter, Who To Call For Help, Emergency Pet Care Plan, Local Pet Food Pantries, Oregon Dog Tethering Law, Pick of the Litter Reopening, CCHS Awarded the Siletz Tribal “The Big Guys and Gals” Grant

2019 – December

  • Top 5 Holiday Toxins, 10 Ways to Survive Christmas With Cats, Protecting Pets in Winter Weather, Still in need of forever homes, The Lincoln County Animal Shelter Resumes Operations, “Fido’s” is Portland’s Dog Bar

2019 – November

  • Know the “can” and “can’t” of feeding your dog, especially over the holidays, Oregon Mobile Veterinary Services Schedule, In Need of Home, Can you free Willie?, Happily Re-homed, Animals that made history – Cher Ami

2019 – October

  • Halloween Party, National Black Cat Appreciation Day, Pet Safety Tips at Halloween, (Black) Fur Facts, Re-homing Success

2019 – July

  • Volunteers Needed, Chloe Found Her Home, CCHS New Website Redesign, Pick of the Litter Hiring, Lincoln County Animal Shelter Needs Pet Food, Upcoming Car Show Fundraiser

2019 – April

  • A message from our President, Re-Home Needed For Chloe the Cat, Volunteers Needed, Shop and Help Our Cause at Pick of the Litter

2019 – March

  • Spay-ghetti No Balls Dinner, Consumers Power Inc donated $1,000, Your Feline Friend is Talking to You, Roary – the Backpack Kitten, St Patrick’s Day Poisons

2019 – February

  • Baja Cat Colonies, 72-hour Pet Emergency Kit, Keeping Your Pet Safe During Cold Weather

2019 – January

  • Pet Cold Weather Tips, Oregon Mobile Veterinary Service Schedule, Marmalade’s Story

2018 – December

  • The Story of Journey, Cowboy Cody, Giving Tuesday

2018 – November

  • Gifting Animals At Holiday Time, Thank you to Siletz Tribe and Beach Bark, A Night of Celebration, Ferrets

2018 – October

  • Stubby the Cat, Heather’s Cat Chat, What We Do In Our Community

2017 – Winter

  • The Real Meaning of Christmas, Amazing Animals Facts Part 1, Pet Quick Facts, Siletz Tribal Charitable Grant

2016 – Winter

  • Cat Diabetes – A Personal Story, Rainbow Bridge, President’s Letter by Lee Smith

2016 – Fall

  • We Dedicate This Issue To Our Friend Mary Lou Starker, Keeping Your Pet Safe During Cold Weather, Cats in Physics (Act II)

2016 – Summer

  • All Roads Lead Home, Spay-ghetti No-Balls, Why Are There So Many Cats?, 72-hour Pet Emergency Kit, President’s Letter by Don Elmore, Why Does Your Dog Sleep Curled Up In A Ball

2016 – Spring

  • All Roads Lead Home, Spay-ghetti No-Balls, Why Are There So Many Cats?, 72-hour Pet Emergency Kit, President’s Letter by Don Elmore, Why Does Your Dog Sleep Curled Up In A Ball

2015 – Fall

  • Cat + Enclosed Patio = Catio, Picking the Pawfect Pet, Keep Your Pet Healthy, President’s Letter by Lee Smith, Excuses for Not Fostering a Kitten/Cat, Help Us Save Money for the Animals

2015 – Summer

  • Fun at Dog Wash!, Brewer’s Memorial Ale Fest, Dog House Suggestions, President’s Letter by Lee Smith, Successful Community/Neighborhood Cat Colonies, New Law Protects Pets in Hot Vehicles

2015 – Spring

  • Savannah’s Story, Great Bang for the Buck!

2014 – Winter

  • What a Difference a Year Makes!, Home at last!, T-Shirt, Dog Tethering Law

2014 – Summer

  • The Last 40 Years in Review, The Gift of a Cat

2014 – Spring

  • GiGi’s New Home, President’s Letter, Cricket by Mary Lou Starker, The Princess and The Patriot, Beach Bite!

2013 – Winter

  • Charlie’s Permanent Home, The Latest Episode: Big Boy the Farmer, President’s Letter

2013 – Fall

  • Big Boy: The Saga Continues, President’s Letter, Protect Black Cats at Halloween, Cricket and Clark

2013 – Summer

  • Dogs in Hot Cars: How to Prevent a Disaster, From Cardboard Box to Penthouse, Reasons to Spay and Neuter, Sparky’s Passing: A Eulogy, Cleo and Oscar

2013 – Spring

  • Rescued: Kittens Taken From Hoarder House Happy At Last!, President’s Letter, Foundation Extends A Helping Paw with Spay/Neuter

2012 – Winter

  • Shirley: A Rescue Story, President’s Letter, Our Rehoming Program: A Year of Successes

2012 – Fall

  • A Tale of Two Kitties, President’s Letter, Top Reasons Given Why People Don’t Alter Pets, Changes in CCHS Programs, Little Bit, Diane Galloway Tribute, Remembering Alvin the Cat

2012 – Summer

  • Fix That Roaming Cat for Free!, A Foster Story: The Gang of Six, President’s Letter, Jail Inmates Build Kitty Yurts, Cattitude, Lost and Found

2012 – Spring

  • A Pet Hero Passes: Steve Brown DVM, President’s Letter, On the Road with Steve Brown, Need a New Pal?, Kit Kat and Peanut

2011 – Winter

  • Our Pet Heroes: Community Partners, President’s Letter, Someone to Watch Over Me, Where Does The Money Go? A Year in the Garden, Cliff House Colony, The Fostering Roundup, A Tale of Two Cats, The Future of the Shelter

2011 – Fall

  • Connie and Bella: A Love Story, President’s Letter, Beach Bark

2011 – Summer

  • Patience is a Virtue, Membership Renewal, President’s Letter, The Story of Samantha: Man’s Best Friend, Tales from the Foster Roster, Humphrey: Thief of Hearts, Dear Dogs and Cats (To Be Posted Lowe on the Refrigerator), Feral Kittens Get New Homes, Fun At the Memorial Day Brewer’s Fest, Snug Houses for Ferals, Horse Rescue in Toledo, 10 Commandments for Pet Owners