Bella – (Listed March 2022)

Wylie – (Listed May 2022)

Current person notes: Wylie is a sweet kitty who is looking for a quiet home and an occasional lap. She loves having her face and neck rubbed (who doesn’t?) and likes catnip on occasion. She is a little overweight (who isn’t?) but she has been on a diet and can reach all the necessary areas. Wylie needs a home where she can be the only cat because she has self-control issues with food: she needs to eat a measured amount twice a day but she is always on the lookout for other kitties’ food and will steal as much as she can stuff into her little self. She is about 9 years old and is current on all her shots with a vet in Lincoln City. Her current mom loves her but can’t keep her anymore. She comes with her bed and her favorite brush and a toy or two.

Wylie is house-trained, current on vaccinations, and over 7-years old. If you can give this beautiful baby a loving home, please call Karen at (714) 814-5154.

Friendly – (Listed March 2022)

Update: She has been living in a garage (sleeping in her heated bed) for the past several months and wants more companionship than she gets in this foster home. She greets all of the visitors wanting pets and brushes. She has not been aggressive toward anyone for a couple of months so we know that in your quiet calm home, with no other pets around, she will settle in and love being brushed and petted and will be your companion for life. Please consider coming for a visit!

Current person notes: Friendly is about four years old, a little overweight, and has been a hobo cat for a while, so she’s kind of touchy around you until she decides you’re a nice person.

Friendly needs a tolerant, quiet home – preferably as an only pet – with a patient person who will be kind and understanding of her fears. She acted out, at first, by biting but she’s been much calmer (after a couple of weeks in foster care) and loves being brushed and petted. She is very clean and likes to look out the window.

Friendly was found in South Beach and was being fed by nice people for a few months but winter was coming so she’s being fostered until we can find her a fur-ever home. She’s been seen by a vet and is up to date with her shots.

If you can give this beautiful baby a loving home, please call Karen at (714) 814-5154.

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