LITTLE GIRL(Listed May 2021)

Little Girl is my best friend, and she can be yours too! She is silly, lazy, chunky, and sleepy. But mostly sleepy. She loves sleeping with you but otherwise is the perfect cat and does well with or without feline friends. She would be good for a single person or couple. She’s never been around kids, so I don’t know how she would do, but for the most part, she is bombproof. Vacuums don’t scare her, just the 4th of July. Please help; thank you. – Serena

Serena, Little Girl’s current pet person, says Little Girl is a Siamese female feline with black, short hair. She’s supposed to be good with children, dogs, cats, and is house-trained. She has been spayed, of medium size, and a senior cat.

To set up an appointment to meet Little Girl or inquire further, please call Serena at (503) 989-0216.

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