Central Coast Humane Society (CCHS) was formed in 1974 to benefit the welfare of animals in Lincoln County. We work with the animals in the community to keep them in loving homes and out of the shelter system when possible. We coordinate closely with the Lincoln County Animal Shelter but do not operate it. They provide a good alternative to help animals when other options aren’t available.

Our core mission is to spay/neuter both family pets and community cats. CCHS also helps with expenses for animal veterinary care, including dental costs, rabies vaccinations, emergency visits, and end-of-life decisions (CCHS does not pay to euthanize healthy animals). CCHS offers a free rehoming service by posting on our website, Facebook page, and Petfinder.com photos and a short bio of animals needing a new home.

With community cats, we use the proven method of TNR (trap, neuter, return) to control populations and reduce the number of colonies. Other methods such as removing the cats do not work because when a void is created, other cats move in, and the cycle continues. TNR is proven nationally and locally to be the only effective method for controlling this population.

We believe in supporting the cats (and the colony managers!) by providing cat kibble monthly and medical assistance when needed. For CCHS, it is vital to provide this support to these selfless cat caretakers so they are not having to use their own monies.

CCHS has a special affinity for working with abused, neglected, and abandoned animals. Spay/neuter saves lives!