This is a partial list of additional resources that may be available to you.  Many of these sites provide a list of additional resources as well. We encourage you to browse through this list for any current or future needs.  While we have given a brief description of what they provide, these organizations will need to be contacted individually for their requirements for assistance.


Bow Wow Buddies

Dogs only. Urgent care/vet bills for serious conditions.

Frankie’s Friends

Partial financial assistance for lifesaving emergencies or specialty veterinary care

Red Rover

Urgent, life-saving vet care and resource directory

Henry’s Caring Heart Foundation

Grants for emergency and routine vet care and other costs for pet care


Help A Pet

Financial assistance for disabled, senior citizens and children of working poor

Paws 4 A Cure

Financial assistance for dogs and cats

The Mosby Foundation

Financial assistance for dogs only

The Pet Fund

Assistance with vet care


Animal Cancer Foundation

Resource list only.

The Magic Bullet Fund

Helps owners crowdsource for their cat or dog’s cancer treatment.


Handicapped Pet Foundation

Provides wheelchairs to pets and provides lists of aid.


Care Credit

Offers veterinary financing

Pet Lifeline Program

They award financial assistance to low-income pet owners who are having trouble paying for veterinary care.

Pet Credit 247 Emergency Solution

Loans for emergencies up to $5,000.


Crowdfunding for pets.