Mission – The mission of our organization is to serve and protect the animals in our Lincoln County communities. We foster kindness and compassion for all animals. We are dedicated to ending suffering, abuse, neglect, and abandonment of animals.

Vision – Central Coast Humane Society believes animals are sentient beings. Our vision is to see all animals treated humanely and lovingly.

Goals – Our organization’s goals are to work closely with other animal organizations, especially Friends of Lincoln County Animals (FOLCAS) and the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. We aim to provide a comprehensive safety net for the animals in Lincoln County and options for owners to find solutions. We strive to help keep animals in loving, safe homes and out of a shelter system.

Purpose – Our organization aims to assist owners in providing veterinary care for the animals in their charge. While all our programs are open to any resident, we emphasize helping low income, the elderly, and/or the homeless.