Lilo and meowzers

We are looking for a home for two foster cats named Lilo and Meowzers. They are a spayed, bonded pair; therefore, they must be adopted together. They love to cuddle, play, and they love attention. They are shy and will need a quiet indoor-only home with someone who is willing to be patient with them while they adjust.

Meowzers is a sweet girl who will let you know when she wants attention. She also drools when she gets said attention.

Lilo is more of a laid back gal who loves to watch birds out the window. She will also let you know when she needs attention. She looooves catnip!

Love them already? To meet Lilo and Meowzers in person, email us.


Willie is around two years old. He pretty much takes care of himself. He’s an outdoor cat with limited indoor exposure. He needs to have a place to play and a patient person to love him.

Neutering and rabies shots will be paid for by CCHS.

Are you the right soul to free Willie? Email us here.