Barbara Perry is the Executive Board President. She retired from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in 2015 after 23 years, where she was an administrator in the jail. 

In May 2009, when it appeared the Lincoln County Animal Shelter (owned and operated by the Sheriff’s Office) would close, Barbara led two training sessions known as “Dream Big”.  Community members gave their ideas on how to save the shelter and what they wanted their ideal shelter to be like. 

In August of that year Sgt. Perry was appointed to be the Interim Manager of the Animal Shelter, a position she held until a permanent manager was hired in April 2010.   During her tenure, she implemented many of the ideas that came from the Dream Big sessions.  Additionally, she changed the shelter from open admission / high kill to managed admission where animals were not euthanized to make room for more.   

Barbara is originally from Kansas and came to Oregon by way of Nevada.  She holds degrees in Education, Law Enforcement, and Public Administration.

Corie McGranahan is the Executive Board Vice President. She has a bachelor’s degree in Management and Communications from Concordia University.  She is a three-time business owner.  Her proudest accomplishment is being a boat captain for nearly 20 years primarily in the charter fishing industry.  She owned her own boat and charter company in Depoe Bay, OR.

Angela Pieti is the Executive Board Recording Secretary. She joined the CCHS Board in March 2018, shortly after she moved to the Newport area. She’s originally from Indiana and has previously lived in Michigan and Wisconsin. Besides CCHS, she volunteers for several local non-profits including the Newport Library and 60+ Activity Center. “While working, I spent a lot of time on the road and I didn’t have time to enjoy having pets. I’m thankful to have fur-babies again. They bring so much joy, unconditional love, and comfort to my life.” She holds degrees and certifications in Web Design and Development and Digital Marketing.

Lana Elmore is an Executive Board Member-at-Large. She is willing to work long and hard for the animals. If you see our dog costume, it can be Lana who is inside – hot weather and all. Her and enthusiasm rival that of her husband. It’s hard to keep up with them! Lana sends all the thank you cards to those of you who donate generously – big or small. (I think secretly Lana likes to use her “kitty paw” stamp!) Is it any wonder she can send up to 20 notes a day? Lana is in charge of fundraising in north county.  It is she and her husband Don that are the main forces behind our annual Spay-ghetti / No Balls dinner, in honor of Kip Ward.  All proceeds go to the Beach Bark fund to help animals.  The fund was started by Kip Ward and Kandi Hansen and is administered by CCHS.

Heather Lee-Lindsley is an Executive Board Member-at-Large. She has always been passionate about rescuing animals. Spaying and neutering are so important and she is trying to spread the word. Less unwanted litters mean fewer animals in shelters or worse, being homeless. Heather not only works with CCHS in Lincoln County but also Puplandia in Portland.  She is excellent at finding low-cost vet clinics and solutions to helping animals. She is our Facebook administrator. Contact her through Messenger.

Mike Sprague is an Executive Board Member-at-Large. He served in the Air Force, then spent the next 20-years working in the banking and finance industry in California. At 42 years of age, he suffered a heart attack and it changed his life. He changed jobs and became an advocate for children in abused or abandoned situations. After nine years, he moved from California to Florida. Years later, and a few more relocations, he landed in Lincoln City, Oregon, and fell in love with the area. He’s now retired and loves helping animals and their owners.