Don has been active in north county as a trapper and an advocate for community cats. He designed the “kitty yurts” that we give to colony managers to help them provide dry shelter for their charges. He feeds daily the colonies he manages and delivers cat kibble monthly to other colony caretakers in north county. He and his wife, Lana, have raised a lot of money by collecting and cashing in cans and bottles. Don is our go-to person when it comes to community cats.

Lana is willing to work long and hard for the animals. If you see our dog costume, it can be Lana who is inside – hot weather and all. Her and enthusiasm rival that of her husband. It’s hard to keep up with them! Lana sends all the thank you cards to those of you who donate generously – big or small. (I think secretly Lana likes to use her “kitty paw” stamp!) Is it any wonder she can send up to 20 notes a day? And, give her a round of applause because she washes all the kitty yurt blankets (frequently) so the kitties who reside outside stay warm and dry. How would you like to do her weekly laundry?

Heather has always been passionate about rescuing animals. Spaying and neutering is so important and she is trying to spread the word. Less unwanted litters means less animals in shelters or worse, being homeless. As a board member she is eager to learn and help the animals in Lincoln County.

Angela joined the CCHS Board in March 2018, shortly after she moved to the Newport area. She’s originally from Indiana and has previously lived Michigan and Wisconsin. Currently, she is a “professional student” and loves learning new things.  Besides CCHS, she volunteers for several local non-profits including the Newport Library and 60+ Activity Center. “While working, I spent a lot time on the road and I didn’t have time to enjoy having pets. I’m thankful to have fur-babies again. They bring so much joy, unconditional love, and comfort to my life.”