by CCHS Volunteer Sydney

Sydney with Skittles

My family started setting out food and water for the community cats following the Echo Mountain Fire. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of them in our neighborhood. A month or two ago, we noticed two unusual visitors– two Siamese kittens! They started coming by every day but jetting off the second we opened our front door. We continued feeding them, each time trying to help them feel more comfortable with our presence.

A couple of weeks passed, and we noticed that one of the siblings had stopped coming by. Around that same time, we also noticed that the second kitten had started looking sickly. Runny eyes and nose, and constantly shivering… We knew that we had to do something to help this baby.

I reached out to the Central Coast Humane Society for help. They got back to me right away offering their assistance. I borrowed a humane trap from them and was able to trap the sick kitten the very next day. Up close, it was immediately clear that this kitten needed more help than warmth and food could offer. However, none of the local veterinary offices had any availability for weeks, even months, out.

Lincoln City Animal Clinic was our saving grace. With help from the Central Coast Humane Society, I was able to book an appointment for that same day, and I was off! I drove little Skittles, now named, nearly an hour to Lincoln City, where she received a life-saving vet visit. I was then equipped with the medicine I needed to nurture Skittles back to health.

She is now being fostered by my family, where she is making leaps and bounds in both her health and her temperament! While she is not yet completely comfortable around us, understandably, she has come so far, and we are continuing to put in the time it takes to help her. Slowly but surely! Given the right moment, she loves curling up on her pink blanket, with her teddy, for belly scratches!

I want to give a huge ‘thank you’ to the Central Coast Humane Society for the huge role they played in getting Skittles the help she desperately needed! Skittles may eventually be looking for a forever home, where she can be shown all the love and attention she needs. She is still skittish and will need someone who can put the time into making her feel comfortable in her new home.

UPDATE:  Skittles has now found her forever home.  It is our pleasure to work with you, Sydney.  The generous folks who donate to CCHS make such happy outcomes possible!