Dude – (Listed October 2021)

Current Person Notes:

I am looking to rehome my cat. He is a very outdoor cat, that prefers to be outside for long hours roaming the yard and around the house. He knows high fives and can be friendly once he warms up to a family. He doesn’t bite or become aggressive towards kids unless provoked (yanked, grabbed quickly). He doesn’t like dogs very much, nor other cats.
He licks himself a lot to the point of occasional spots of hair missing, and I have been told it’s because he is extremely anxious. I have done multiple forms of other treatments such as flea baths, combs, and skincare that have not changed his behavior, which is why I have been told it’s because he is overly anxious.
I feel he would be best as a barn cat to hunt mice (he has hunted mice before) or in a place where he could be outdoors often. He comes inside to use the litter box, eat and occasionally sleep but for the most part, he spends the entire day outside. He is lukewarm towards me and my daughter which is why I think he would be best in a barn where he can be away from other people he doesn’t like.

Dude is a short-haired black, medium-sized, adult, neutered male. He is house-trained and current on vaccinations. To meet this beautiful cat, call Clint at (509) 330-6708.

Teddy – (Listed September 2021)

Current Person Notes: Teddy is a real lover boy who needs his own lap. He’s very mellow, not a bit aggressive, but he’s big (15 lbs) so he takes over my lap and the food from my other smaller cat. I think he would prefer adults in a home with no other cats. I think he might be fine with a dog but he’s never been around dogs. He’s 10 years old but still very playful and in good health. He’s always been an indoor cat.

Teddy is a male, medium-haired, orange, neutered cat. He is house-trained and current on vaccinations. To learn more about Teddy or arrange a meeting, call Alana at (541) 764-3340.

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